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Ascending the Pinnacle of Discipline with Stellar Habits

Today I made a decision to stop breaking promises to myself. And being ok with it. I will make a plan, such as I will go for a walk before... Read More


The other day I was in a moment of disappointment when someone didn't invite me to their birthday. I assumed they would and created an expectation, that when unmet it... Read More


Comfort: Noun. a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. 2. the easing or alleviation of a persons feelings of grief or distress.  In comfort there is... Read More

In The Meantime

It's just a season I'm in. It's tough. It is tough and it is temporary.  The next day after my event June 17th, I started my second job. I had... Read More
In The Meantime

Never Quit: Strategies for Pushing Through in the 4th Quarter

The week right before my event (June 12th) I had no plans of still pushing/promoting the dinner. I was tapped out. I had 6 networking events from April- May, 2... Read More

Where does your attachment lie?

Detach yourself from the outcome and attach yourself to the process.  You can only do all that you can do. Sow the seeds, water, participate; what happens outside of that... Read More

How have you been?

I get to control the narrative I present myself and others by shifting my perspective.  In the book of Mark we are introduced to Yahusha at the age of 30.... Read More

Is Yah Blessing My Efforts

To answer this question I would say 'no'.  And its frustrating to keep being obedient to the business. Show up as a parent. Be okay with having to be in... Read More
Olympic Commitment

Olympic Commitment

Why do I let what I see in the middle deter me from what I've already seen (in the vision)? If someone told you, you would win a gold metal... Read More

What do you see

What you see affects your action you decide to take. Change how you see !